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Kansas City's Retail and Manufacturing Landscape through Specialized Plastic Molding Services

In the bustling heart of Kansas City, Missouri, a transformative force in the manufacturing sector is making waves, particularly in the realm of retail displays and product packaging. Marcon Solutions, a premier custom plastic injection molding company, has carved a niche for itself by offering an array of specialized services, including plastic thermoforming and blow molding. This focus is not just a testament to the company's expertise but also to its commitment to supporting a wide range of i (...) Read More

Continuing to Expand Offerings with Custom CNC Machined Parts Services

The Hinz Company, a leading manufacturing partner based in Franklin, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce the expansion of their services to include custom CNC machined parts. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality, precision-engineered solutions, The Hinz Company is poised to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring custom machining services.As a reputable provider in the manufacturing industry, The Hinz Company brings decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology to the tabl (...) Read More

Precision and Innovation: CNC Machining in Wisconsin's Aerospace Industry

Industrial Parts & Fittings Recommends The Hinz Company as Wisconsin's Premier CNC Machine Shop for Aerospace Industry with Precision and Innovative CNC MachiningThe Hinz Company is a family owned, ISO 9001 Certified CNC machine shop in Wisconsin that specializes in precision and innovative CNC machining for the aerospace industry. As a leading provider of high-quality machining services, The Hinz Company has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. Industrial Parts & Fittings (...) Read More

Air Brake Fittings for the Transportation Industry - Brass Fittings

Brass fittings are a popular choice in many industries due to their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. They are commonly used in a variety of applications, including plumbing, HVAC, automotive, and more. In this article, we will focus on brass fittings specifically designed for air brake systems.Air brake fittings are essential components of any air brake system, as they provide the connection points for air lines and hoses. These fittings are responsible for ensuring the proper flo (...) Read More

Who Specializes in Providing Innovative Industrial Website Marketing Solutions?

WYSIWYG Marketing is a company that specializes in providing innovative industrial website marketing solutions for businesses in various industries and geographical areas. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses increase their profit margins through effective marketing strategies.One of the key services offered by WYSIWYG Marketing is the creation of industrial catalog websites. These websites are designed to showcase a company's products and service (...) Read More

CNC Multi-Axis turning Conveyor Shaft Leading Manufacturer

"Hinz Company's Custom CNC Multi-Axis Turned Conveyor Shaft: A Precision Machined Part for Smooth and Efficient Operation"When it comes to custom CNC machined parts, the team at Hinz Company is known for their expertise in creating precise and reliable components for a wide range of industries. One of their standout products is the custom CNC multi-axis turned conveyor shaft, which is designed to provide smooth and efficient operation in a variety of applications.This custom-made swiss CNC turne (...) Read More

ASME Pressure Vessel Fabricator that Leads the Industry

Springs Fabrication is a company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that is known for its expertise in ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication. ASME stands for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and it is an organization that sets standards for the engineering and manufacturing industries.Pressure vessels are specialized containers that are designed to hold gases or liquids at high pressures. They are used in a wide variety of industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, food a (...) Read More


The Ability to Create Complex Shapes and Custom Machined PartsTo learn more about this and other unique and innovative machining processes, simply visit Hinz online or call today. Getting your next project started and underway has never been easier and more convenient, especially when you work with one of the most respected machine shops in the Business Today. Hinz is always standing by and ready to take your call. Even challenging projects are welcome. We take customer service to the next (...) Read More

Industrial Inks, Markers ,Coding, Labeling & Stenciling Products Market Leader!

American Marking, Inc. is an Industry Leader in traditional marking supplies such as specialized permanent ink & paint marking pens, coding & stamping inks, stenciling equipment & supplies, conveyor line printers, spot markers and hand printers. Additionally, we are an authorized Distributor for Marsh Shipping Supply as well as an authorized Dealer for Diagraph's Marking & Stenciling Products Group. American Marking also offers automated ink jet & labeling system & suppli (...) Read More

laser engraving colorado springs

Colorado Laser Technologies is a Monthly Premier Recommendation by Industrial Parts Fittings. These guys are highly recommended:Colorado Laser Technologies is a national leader in Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting and fabricationservices company located in Colorado Springs, Co.Click here to see some of their "Corporate Promotional Gifts" made on their precision laser cutting machines. Read More


Coloardo Laser technology offers unique possibilities when it comes to cutting and marking a wide variety of materials in ways that were never possible before. Innovative processes that use advanced technology laser equipment allows for marking, for example that is long-lasting and impressive. Marking and CuttingThe 1000w Amada laser is able to cut a vast array of substrates where thickness is simply not the limitation. In short, in today’s modern world of advanced technology lasers, thickness a (...) Read More

Work with Brass Hose Barbs That Last

With many unique commercial uses, brass hose barbs that are designed to last are vital to ensuring that everything from plumbing work to the manufacturing industry requires access to the best in this type of connector. Most importantly, never except second best when it comes to these unique and innovative components that are made of high-quality brass. Hose barbs of this kind are unique because they ensure a tight seal and connection every time. When water leakage or the leakage of other types o (...) Read More

Excellent Push-In Tube Fittings for A Solid Fit every Time

Push-in tube fittings as well as other innovative connectors like push-fit and push-to-connect fittings are sometimes referred to as instant fittings. Perhaps most important of all is that this type of component is easily removed and replaced when necessary. They are sometimes even referred to as an easy to remove compression fitting or a quick connect tightfitting. This is a key consideration because these components are designed to allow for air as well as water lines to be attached without th (...) Read More

Great Brass Fittings for The Most Reliable Service

Today, more than ever before brass fittings are used because of their reliability and dependability. Brass is a high-quality type of alloy metal that is an excellent choice when manufacturing fittings for many different applications. For example, those in the plumbing industry know the importance of using only the highest quality fittings made of brass that are available today. From valves to adapters and hose clamps as well as other similar products, forged brass components of this nature are k (...) Read More

ASME Vessel Fabricators - From Colorado Springs, Co.

Industrial Parts & Fittings (a Brass Fittings Distributor), is a proud sponsor of Springs Fabrication, of Colorado Springs, Co. is a leading ASME pressure vessel manufacturer with vessels put into service in a variety of industries. Our qualified engineers use the latest design tools including Code Compress Pressure Vessel Design software to fabricate ASME Vessel Fabricator that are designed to meet ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 and 2.Applications of ASME Pressure VesselsASME press (...) Read More

Tool & Die Company Colorado - Best in the Region!

Industrial Parts & Fittings a Brass Fittings Distributor, highly recommends: Qualtek MFG, from Colorado Springs, ColoradoTool and Die is a general term describing the complex machines used to work raw material into a desired state. Tooling and die sets work in concert with one another to manipulate raw material into various shapes and sizes. In metal stamping, tool and die can be manufactured to produce something as simple as a washer or something as complex as the hood of a car.& (...) Read More

Kansas City Steaks - Highly Recommended

Industrial Parts & Fittings & Brass Fittings Distributor Highly Recommends "KC Beef Co" for Kansas City SteaksToday more people than ever before are concerned about sourcing quality food for their family. Whether it is farm fresh vegetables or high quality naturally raised beef, one thing is sure and that is that consumers are more demanding than ever before. That is why it is important to consider the benefits of Kansas City farm to table meat services. When sourcing meat or steaks (...) Read More

Beryllium Copper Bar Stock - Who Is the Best?

"Industrial Parts & Fittings Highly Recommends Cadi Company"Cadi Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of high conductivity copper alloys; we specialize in copper that is used to manufacture resistance welding components such as welding wheels, electrodes, and numerous other applications that demand performance beyond the capabilities of standard coppers.Cadi Company was founded over 40 years ago by Rocco Capozzi, Sr., to manufacture and distribute copper with ex (...) Read More

Metal Fabrication Colorado Vendor

This is a highly recommended vendor by Industrial Parts Fittings. Their reputation and quality of work is surpassing the competition. Metal fabrication is an important aspect of industry and the overall economy. That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to metal fabricators Colorado businesses and industry can trust. One of the first steps in making the right decision as far as working with this type of professional group is to consider reviews and ratings. Springs Fabri (...) Read More

Buy Beef Online Kansas city

Farm to Table: KC Beef CompanyReference: (this is an article that is focused on the Dallas area farm-to-table beef explosion. We are including it in our site, in contribution to one of our local partners: Kansas City Beef Co. The inspiration for Oatie Beef struck Dallas Picolet as he watched a television commercial touting the health benefits of a humble bowl of oatmeal.Kim GronnigerContributing WriterPhoto by JD MeltonHe wondered whether the same food that lowers cholesterol and promotes (...) Read More

Brass Push In Tube Fittings

This Article is Referenced by Ally Pulskamp - "6 Benefits of Push to Connect Fittings" We are relating to our information in the "Brass Fittings" World!Written byAlly PulskampPush to Connect fittings are much easier to use compared to compression fittings. And they are more practical than permanent solvent-gluing CPVC and PVC pipes or sweat-soldering brass pipes with a torch in general plumbing applications. These fittings have proven to provide highly reliable connections even when t (...) Read More

Brass Fittings - We are in the News! Industrial Parts & Fittings!

American Made Industrial Brass Valves - Industrial Parts & Fittings Leads the Online Market By: ReleaseWire - Latest Press ReleasesOctober 23, 2020 at 09:00 AM EDTOur Industrial Brass Fittings, Valves and Related Pipe Adapters are leading the online Market. Made in USA!Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2020 -- Sourcing Top-Grade Industrial Brass Valves is EssentialIndustrial brass valves are unique and are routinely used in the plumbing and electrical field. Most impo (...) Read More

Industrial Downdraft Tables - Who's Got the Best!!!

Sourcing the Best Downdraft Table for IndustryToday more than ever before quality of air has become a major issue and that’s why air filtration systems are so inherently important. For example, downdraft tables are required for a wide range of industrial processes. Typically speaking, fully self-contained downdraft type tables are easy and efficient to use. In other words, they are basically plug and go by design. In many cases this type of table is fully prewired on delivery from the (...) Read More

Brass Fittings in Truck & Trailer Applications

Brass Fittings In Truck & Trailer ApplicationsArticle Reference: and trailer OEMs use brass fittings for many applications because of their corrosion resistance, strength, machinability and ability to withstand cold and high temperature variations. Brass is also light weight and low cost compared to stainless steel or other materials. These components are commonly used in on heavy trucks that require f (...) Read More

Airbrake Fittings DOT Approved Brass Fittings for your Truck/Hydraulics

Choosing Air Brake Tube Fittings for Heavy-Duty Trucks and TrailersReference: vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, use air brake systems to assure safe and effective stopping. Air brake tube fittings are a virtually invisible component on these vehicles, but they are instrumental to the reliable operation of the air brake system. A typical truck requires between 60-100 air brake tube fitt (...) Read More

Designing a Piping System "Top 3 Rules"

3 RULES FOR DESIGNING A PIPING SYSTEMPiping systems are critically important to buildings, industrial applications and infrastructure, and it’s easy to forget they exist once they’re installed. But there are a few things to keep in mind when designing a system that will ensure its longevity and success of a piping system, as long as it’s continually and appropriately maintained.Choose the Right PipeEach type of pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to know which type (...) Read More

Another Historical Review of Brass

BrassalloyWRITTEN BYThe Editors of Encyclopaedia BritannicaEncyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree....See Article HistoryBrass, alloy of copper and zinc, of historical and enduring importance because of its hardness and workability. The earliest brass, called calamine brass, dates to Neolithic times; it was p (...) Read More

The Rich History of Brass

HISTORY OF THE BRASS We thought you may wanna learn more, so us folks at Industrial Parts & Fittings are recommending this read:Reference:,corrosion%20and%20to%20the%20wear.The brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.Occasionally are added small quantities of other elements (To, Sn, Pb ó Seize) to promote someone of the characteristics of the alloy.The first metals that the man used were the c (...) Read More

Why Brass Ball Valves Compared to other Industrial Ball Balve Material.

Recommended Read below by the folks at Industrial Parts & Fittings:Brass Ball Valves are some of the most common types that you will utilize in Plumbing, Water Well and HVAC. They are fairly easy to work with and install, and suit many applications where corrosion resistance is not a big issue. In this blog, we are going to go over a few reason why Brass Ball Valves are so popular, where they are best used, and the difference between Brass and Bronze.Why are Brass Ball Valves so Popular?1. E (...) Read More

Selecting the Correct Material for Your Miniature Ball Valves

MINIATURE BALL VALVES: PLASTIC, BRASS OR STAINLESS STEEL?SOME GUIDELINES FOR SELECTING THE RIGHT MATERIAL FOR YOUR APPLICATIONThis is a Recommended Read by the folks at Industrial Parts & Fittings!Reference: is the first in a new series of ISM blog posts about miniature valves and ball valves in particular.Why use a ball valve?Ball valves are durable, reliable and securely shut off (...) Read More


Metal Seated Ball ValvesDefinitely a worthy read recommended by the folks at Industrial Parts & Fittings: Reference: to excel in the most demanding industrial settings where valve deficiencies can endanger safety, plant efficiency and reduce profitability, metal seated ball valves stand out. These long-lasting valves are perfect for the oil and gas industries, refining and power generation.Metal Seated Valves vs. Soft Seated ValvesDeciding on th (...) Read More

Review: What is a Hose Barb Fittings - Then see our Brass Hose Barb Fittings

What is a Hose Barb Fitting and How Does It Work?Reference: barb fittings are designed for use with soft tubing and high pressure. These fittings are applied for many different applications, from beverage filters to aquarium pumps. In this video, John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist, answers the most common questions about hose barbs.What is a hose barb fitting?A hose barb fitting is a un (...) Read More

Design and Function of Hose Barbs - General Info: Not Just Brass Fittings!

BARB CONNECTORS IN DEPTH – DESIGN AND FUNCTIONReference: plastic hose barb stylesBarb connectors have become one of the most common miniature flow control components because of performance and valueAn introduction to barb connectorsBarbed fittings, frequently called hose barb or hose barbed connectors, are one of the most common flow control components because of their convenience, reliabili (...) Read More

Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Hitches

Today towing and hauling have become more complex and challenging than ever before. A gooseneck trailer to 5th wheel hitch offers the flexibility and ruggedness needed to achieve even the most difficult towing or hauling project. In short, when you have the right type of equipment for the job at hand you are far more likely to get that job done right. Best of all, today’s modern hitching systems are stronger, tougher and more long-lasting because they are built with the best materials (...) Read More

Global Brass Fittings and Brass Manufacturing Market Report/Review

Global Brass Hydraulic Fitting Market 2020 Industry Size and Share Evolution to 2026 by Growth Insight, Key Development, Trends and Forecast by Market Reports WorldBrass Hydraulic Fitting Market report offers the past, present and future industry trends and the forecast information related to the expected Brass Hydraulic Fitting sales revenue, shares, growth, demand, and supply...Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 2:01 AM EDT Reference: (...) Read More

US Industry Growth - Pipe & Tube Manufacturing "Brass Fittings"

Metal Pipe & Tube Manufacturing in the US industry trends (2015-2020)poll Average industry growth 2015–2020: 1.6%Over the five years to 2020, the Metal Pipe and Tube industry has exhibited strong growth bookended by severe declines. The industry grew substantially in 2017 and 2018 as industrial activity rebounded from prior lows. In particular, the prospects of the oil and gas industry cluster have a significant effect on this industry given their essential role in the oil and gas suppl (...) Read More

Around the World - Industrial Financial Review for Pipe Valve and Brass Fitting Manufacturers

Reference: in this industry manufacture metal industrial and fluid power valves, hose fittings, and pipe fittings. Major companies include units of integrated process control companies such as Curtiss-Wright, Emerson, Flowserve, and Parker Hannifin (all based in the US), as well as valve manufacturers such as Crane, Mueller Water Products, and Watts Water (all based in the US), and IMI (UK), (...) Read More

Brass Elbow International Industry Trends

Reference: the recent downturn in the contraction market, the trade in brass pipe fittings remains robust. Pipes are the building blocks of a building and pipe fittings are what joins them together. Without the pipe fittings we will not be able to do much with pipes, since fittings connect the pipes to the overall structure.But pipe fittings like elbow pipe fittings are not limited to building con (...) Read More

brass pipe fittings industry overview

Pipe "Brass Fitting" Industry Reference: to the large-scale construction and development activity in the recent past, the pipes and pipe fittings industry is a rapidly growing industry. Pipes are essential for connectivity, be it for water supply inlets to provide for clean and waste water distribution systems, agricultural watering system, liquid discharge installations, water sprinkling and dropping systems, sanitation and sewe (...) Read More

Brass Rods for Use in Lightening Rod Applications

Industrial Parts & Fittings finds this a worthy read, even though this article doesn't focus on brass fittings it is still relative to the brass manufacturing market. Reference:‘Nostalgic Comfort’ Restores Demand for Brass Rods for Use in Lighting ApplicationApart from industrial applications, manufacturers are now tapping opportunities in contemporary interior designing. The concept of ‘nostalgic comfort’ is gaining promine (...) Read More

Brass Composition Analysis for Brass Fittings

BRASS COMPOSITION Products provided by Fluid System Connectors Division are manufactured from several brass alloys. These alloys comply with the requirements of ASTM as applicable for each specified alloy. SAE/UNS alloy Lead Copper Zinc Iron Other CA345/C34500 1.5 – 2.5% 62.0 – 65.0% remainder .15% max .4% max CA360/C36000 2.5 – 3.0 % 60.0 – 63.0% remainder .35% max .5% max CA377/C37700 1.5 – 2.5% 58.0 – 61.0% remainder .30% max ------------ C27450 0.25% max 60.0 – 65.0% remainder .35% max .5% m (...) Read More

DOT Air Brake fittings & More - Automotive Brass Fittings Endorsing Multiple Pipes

These days brass pipe fittings are in great demand. They are commercially sectored and the industries from the premium automotive brass fittings require manufacturers. They are used for the joining or also in connecting of the multiple pipes and also installing at the suitable shapes and sizes.In many cases, the good quality brass is actually used in the crafting of the fittings and hence, the product thus becomes expensive and that requires time and tools to install them.How Can You Connect Th (...) Read More

Brass Fittings Preferred by Truck Manufacturers, and here is why?

Like many industrial markets, the heavy truck market utilizes brass fittings for a variety of applications. With composite fittings gaining traction in the arena, why do many truck OEMs continue to use brass fittings?  Why is brass the ideal material for the transportation market?Like many industrial markets, the heavy truck and transportation markets utilize brass fittings for a variety of applications. Brass fittings have the strength, corrosion resistance and machinability in a vari (...) Read More

Benefits of Using Brass Fittings on your Industrial, Residential and Commercial Projects!

Industrial Parts & Fittings has included this referenced article for your review, read and consideration: Reference: today's many options available in the market, many people wonder if brass fittings for plumbing or waterworks systems are worth the additional cost. This zinc copper alloy has been used for centuries and is very common in plumbing fittings and fixtures from homes to large industrial complexes. The effectiveness of thi (...) Read More

Repairing Garden Hose Fittings & Washers after Winter Ice

Repairing Winter Damage to Hoses with Sturdy Garden Hose Fittings"Industrial Parts & Fittings"  References this article by: Industry News and finds it a worthy read to our customers. There seems to be no end to this frigid weather. According to a report from CBS New York, the state recently had to endure another round of snow brought about by a winter storm:“A winter storm warning went into effect at midnight Tuesday night, and will continue until 6 p.m. Wednesday for virtually the en (...) Read More

Understanding Different Types and Applications for Pipe Fittings

Here is a great read for explanations on definitions, applications and various industrial uses for pipe fittings. Reference: Thomas Net fittings are components used to join pipe sections together with other fluid control products like valves and pumps to create pipelines. The common connotation for the term fittings is associated with the ones used for metal and plastic pipes which carry fluids. There are also other f (...) Read More We are the cheapest American Made Brass Fittings Distributor!

This article is plain and simple: We are the cheapest American Made and Highest Quality product available at the retail level on the internet! Don't believe us, go ahead and shop around: Read More

EPA & Lead Free Brass Fittings

Use of Lead Free Brass Fittings, Pipes, Fixtures, Solder, and Flux for Drinking Water!Notes from "We found this article to be a very applicable read and newsworthy information to accompany this website!" Reference: "Lead Free" RuleOn July 29, 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the final regulation "Use of Lead Free Pipes, (...) Read More

ERW Steel Pipe Inspection Process - Brass Fittings will always be needed!

Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co., has years of experience in manufacturing carbon steel pipe, stainless steel tube, hollow section.The details of A53 ERW pipe evaluation process:1. Non-destructive testingRotate the detection arm of the inspection station into the straight seam welded pipe production line, observe the position of the weld through the camera, adjust the front and rear position of the probe with the operating lever, make the weld overlap with the laser, and save the para (...) Read More

How AI Helps Boost Mining Safety and Profitability - & Always Brass Fittings Adapters and Valves

The below article was found by the staff to be relevant to the Industry and definitely worth a review. Predictive technologies take the mining world by storm, providing new insights to help them avoid dangerous situations and costly mistakes.The right predictive maintenance software will utilize existing hardware and data captured with minimal impact to operations.The adoption of digital technology in the heavy-duty industry, such as mining and mineral processing, ha (...) Read More

American Brass

Here is a shout out to one of our industry leaders "American Brass" NOTE: looks like this site is now redirecting to RV Faucets and Parts site but we thought it would still be worth the mention.A Culture of InnovationInnovative thinking is inherent in the firm’s mission: American Brass Fittings is dedicated and committed to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers with dependable on-time service and quality products to create loyal customers and important partnerships. Some of those (...) Read More