Barstock and Forged Brass Fittings for The Best Results

Barstock and Forged Brass Fittings for The Best Results

Those who routinely work with brass fittings know the importance of quality in the manufacturing process. Barstock and forged brass fittings offer a wide range of advantages including low heat features while exhibiting toughening in cold functioning. From outstanding weldability to excellent ductility and potency as well as formability, these fitting are tough, durable and long-lasting. From a 90° elbow to a 45° elbow and a variety of similar products, no job is too tough when working with the right fittings.

An Endless Variety of Fittings

Other common fittings of this type include the T-fitting, the forged T-fitting, the cross fitting and coupling as well as union and pipe products. In addition, there are countersunk plugs, square head plugs and bushings as well as closed nipple, long nipple, elbow and even a slotted type plugs available. In short, there is an endless variety of fittings for those who require a wide range of flexible products. With so much to offer it is clear to see why barstock and forged brass fittings are so in demand in today’s world of quickly evolving industry, plumbing and manufacturing.

Fitting Products for Industry as Well as Plumbing Wholesalers

Having access to the best fittings made of brass requires working with a trusted name in the industry. Industrial Parts & Fittings is a leader in the field when it comes to fitting products for industry as well as plumbing wholesalers. The company is highly respected throughout the industry and is recognized by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce for its level of excellence and best practices. The company is focused on continuous improvement through all aspects of daily operation. Contact Industrial Parts & Fittings today for more information.