Exploring Options with Brass Dot Air Fittings

Brass dot air fittings are a type of quick connect fitting that is commonly used in pneumatic applications. The brass dot type of fitting consists of two parts: the body and the sleeve. The body is brass with a series of ridges, or "dots", machined into it. The sleeve is also brass and has a similar series of ridges. To connect the two parts, the sleeve is slid over the body until the dots line up. Once aligned, the two parts are locked together by tightening a set screw. This forms a secure con (...) Read More

The Many Uses of Single Barb Hose Barbs

A single barb hose barb is a small, tubular fitting that is used to connect hoses or tubing. These fittings have a single barbed end that can be inserted into a hose or tubing. The barbs are usually made of metal or plastic and are available in various sizes. Single barb hose barbs are often used in applications where a quick and secure connection is required, such as in automotive and plumbing applications. These fittings are also commonly used in industrial and scientific settings. While these (...) Read More

Work with Industrial Brass Fittings That Are a Cut Above

Professionals in industry and manufacturing as well as other sectors of the global economy know the importance of working with the highest quality industrial brass fittings. Whether it is a plumber looking for reliability or a large industrial manufacturing firm seeking dependability on a large scale, one thing is sure and that is that brass fittings intended for industrial use must be of the highest quality. That said, sourcing this type of product can be as simple as working with a trusted and (...) Read More