Discover The Utility of Brass Compression Needle Valves

Brass compression needle valves are used to control the flow of liquids and gases. They work by using a brass needle to compress a seal, which then controls the flow of fluid. Brass compression type valves are often used in applications where precision is important, such as in medical devices or in laboratory equipment. These unique needle valves are made by first machining a brass body to the desired shape. A hole is then drilled through the center of the body and a brass rod is inserted. The r (...) Read More

What Are Brass Compression Fittings for Plastic Tubing Used For?

Brass compression fittings for plastic tubing are used in a variety of applications where a watertight seal is required. Commonly used in plumbing and automotive applications, they provide a reliable way to connect two pieces of tubing together without the need for soldering or welding.  Compression type fittings work by using a ferrule (or sleeve) which is compressed onto the tubing when the fitting is tightened. This creates a watertight seal that is ideal for both low and high-pressure a (...) Read More