The Brass Hose Barbs That Last

Brass is a unique and innovative type of material that is designed to outlast a wide variety of environmental conditions. Most importantly, when it comes to brass hose barbs, especially when this type of product is made from premium grade brass, it can last many years and deliver reliable and dependable service without requiring replacement. A hose barb that is made of brass is a simple component that plays a vital role in a wide range of industries. From simple residential home applications to (...) Read More

Source Top-Grade Brass Hose Barbs for Your Next Project

Brass hose barbs play a vital and important role in a vast array of key industries throughout the country as well as across the world. From the HVAC industry to the aviation business and the automobile manufacturing industry, brass hose barbs ensure leak-free operation under even the most demanding environmental and operational conditions. A hose barb, regardless of the material that it is made of is nothing more than a fitting that comprises a series of continuous ridges or bumps that ensures a (...) Read More

Brass Hose Barbs

Brass Hose Barbs Serve Many Purposes in Industry Simply stated, a brass hose barb is nothing more than the joining portion of a fitting that has multiple ridges or bumps on its surface. These ridges or bumps are designed to grip the inside diameter of tubing which is usually some type of plastic material. The main purpose and objective of this arrangement is to provide for a leak-free seal connection. During the process of installing a plastic tube onto the fitting, it is forced to expand over t (...) Read More

Quality Hose Barbs Mean More Reliability on your Projects!

Quality Single Barb Hose Barbs Mean More Reliability The right choice when it comes to something as simple as a brass hose barb can make a big difference in how well a project ultimately turns out. Indeed, even the most basic hose barb must be manufactured of the right material and designed in the right way to ensure full reliability. In general, this type of product can be identified as one that has continuous ridges or bumps on the fitting itself. These ridges or bumps are intended to tightly (...) Read More

Find the Right Mini Hose Barbs for The Job at Hand.....

Learn how to: Find the Right Mini Hose Barbs for The Job at Hand There are many types of mini hose barbs available today. As a matter of fact, there are more choices in this type of unique coupler than there have ever been in the past. Whether made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel, this kind of coupler can be used for a wide range of applications including plastic and rubber tubing for either air or water distribution. Choosing the right product made of the most appropriate material will en (...) Read More