Brass Hose Barbs

Brass Hose Barbs Serve Many Purposes in Industry Simply stated, a brass hose barb is nothing more than the joining portion of a fitting that has multiple ridges or bumps on its surface. These ridges or bumps are designed to grip the inside diameter of tubing which is usually some type of plastic material. The main purpose and objective of this arrangement is to provide for a leak-free seal connection. During the process of installing a plastic tube onto the fitting, it is forced to expand over t (...) Read More

Industrial Brass Valves

Sourcing Top-Grade Industrial Brass Valves is Essential Industrial brass valves are unique and are routinely used in the plumbing and electrical field. Most importantly, brass valves that are intended for industrial use must be of the highest quality. This helps to ensure dependability, reliability and long service life. Anything less will simply not do when working in any industrial field. Simply stated this type of valve is used to direct or control fluids and how they flow. In other words, it (...) Read More

Brass Fittings for Plastic Tubing

Learn More About Brass Fittings for Plastic TubingThose who routinely work with plastic tubing know the importance of having the right brass fitting to ensure that the job is done right every time. Brass fittings for plastic tubing come in many varieties, styles, designs and material. It is important to note that when working with plastic tubing, that the right type of fitting must be used to avoid leaks and other related problems. Whether it is a fitting for uniting plastic tubing or a brass in (...) Read More

Brass Compression Fittings - Why Choose American Made

American Made - Quality Brass Compression Fittings for a Job Done Right Every Time Those in a wide range of industry related fields often turn to brass compression fittings to get the very best results regardless of the job at hand. These types of fittings are primarily made of an outer compression nut as well as an inner compression ring that is sometimes referred to as a ferrule. This version of a fitting is most commonly seen in use in the plumbing and electrical field. More specifically they (...) Read More