Lead Free Brass Fittings Have Environmental Benefits

Brass offers many advantages over other types of materials when it comes to a variety of fittings in use today. Commercially available lead free brass fittings are particularly important in terms of their overall utility and their environmental benefits. That said virtually all brass fittings are in high demand throughout the manufacturing industry. Brass is incredibly durable as a nonferrous metal in the fact that it is particularly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. While brass does tarnish (...) Read More

The Importance of Quality Brass Fittings

From the automobile industry to the aviation industry and those who specialize in plumbing and HVAC installation and maintenance, brass fittings play a vital and key role in today’s world. As a matter of fact, without brass fittings it would be for more difficult to keep our world functioning. The good news is that this type of fitting that is made of brass is widely available and comes in many different styles, designs and materials. From lead free brass fittings to nylon air brake tubing and v (...) Read More

The Best in Push-In Tube Brass Fittings

In the world of brass fittings, there are more options available today than there have ever been in the past. This is especially true when talking about a unique type of component known as a push in tube fittings. There are many other options in this regard including push to connect and even something known as a push to fit to name just a few. What makes this kind of connection so unique is that it can be easily removed and quickly connected. As a compression connection, a push-in tube fitting c (...) Read More

Discover the Benefits of Red Brass Fittings

Brass in general is an excellent and useful type of material that is used for a vast array of unique and innovative fittings. That said red brass is equally as impressive and offers exceptional corrosion resistance especially when used in applications where water is present. This type of material exhibits ideal strength and retention capabilities as well as notable spring properties. Modern red brass fittings help to carry water in various types of commercial applications such as in plumbing and (...) Read More