Brass Fittings American Made Leading Supplier

Industrial Parts and Fittings is a national leading supplier of American made brass fittings, valves, and compression fittings. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, they are perfectly situated to efficiently ship products anywhere in the country.As a national leader in brass fittings, Industrial Parts and Fittings serves a variety of industries, including the transportation industry. Their D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved push to connect fittings are widely used in air brake app (...) Read More

Air Brake Fittings Keep You Moving

Premium grade air brake fittings combined with light weight and flexible synthetic tubing helps to ensure that industries such as the automobile industry and aviation industry as well as others have access to quality components that result in high levels of reliability. Air brakes are particularly important especially for large trucks and vehicles. Reliability is a top concern when it comes to safety on the road. When you have the right air brake fittings, you can rest assured that they will del (...) Read More

Learn the Importance of DOT Air Brake Fittings

When the Department of Transportation or DOT approves a particular part or component as it relates to transportation, it lets everyone know that that part or product has passed stringent oversight. When it comes to DOT air brake fittings, this is equally as true. Safety on the country’s roads and highways is best achieved through careful control of all safety related factors and issues. The Department of Transportation has approved many different types of push to connect fittings. For example, t (...) Read More

DOT Brass Fittings – The Safe Choice

From the aviation industry to the automobile industry and a host of other sectors of the economy, having access to high-quality DOT brass fittings is absolutely essential. In short, Department of Transportation approval means that the product has passed rigorous testing and certification. It also means that this is a product or component that is far more likely to deliver under even the toughest environmental conditions. With safety being always a major concern and priority, having Department of (...) Read More

Quality is Vitally Important with Air Brake Hose Fittings

Perhaps nothing is more important than the integrity and overall reliability of air brake hose fittings used in a wide range of applications including DOT related service. Whether it is a sleeve for an air brake type hose as well as even adapters and spring guards, having access to high-quality fittings that are made of brass ensures that failure does not occur. For example, this is vitally important when talking about the trucking industry or the aviation sector. Component failure in either one (...) Read More

Brass DOT Air Fittings for Top Reliability

Few would argue that having access to the absolute best in DOT air brake brass fittings ensures the greatest level of safety. Whether talking about the HVAC industry or larger industry applications such as in the aviation sector or the automobile industry sector, one thing is sure and that is that brass DOT air fitting related products must be made from quality materials and manufactured with detailed accuracy to the most demanding specifications and tolerances. This is especially true when cons (...) Read More

Find the Best DOT Approved Brass Fitting

Brass fittings for just about any need or any application must be made widely available to industry and manufacturing to ensure that operations continue without interruption. One particular type of DOT approved brass fitting is particularly important especially when it comes to the aviation and automobile industry. With a DOT approved type of brass fitting, there is never any doubt as to the quality of the product in question. This means that a DOT approved part can be trusted to perform as anti (...) Read More