Custom Hardwood Flooring Companies

When you want to transform your home into something beautifully warm, inviting, and classic, then trust in the experts at Majestic Flooring & Home Design. We have over 13 years of experience and master carpenters on staff for you!Get the perfect style for your home …• Solid wood • Traditional • Engineered • Distressed • Exotics • Glue-less locking • Contemporary • HandscrapedMajestic Flooring of Limerick, PA will commit to the following so you wil (...) Read More

Work with Industrial Brass Fittings That Are a Cut Above

Professionals in industry and manufacturing as well as other sectors of the global economy know the importance of working with the highest quality industrial brass fittings. Whether it is a plumber looking for reliability or a large industrial manufacturing firm seeking dependability on a large scale, one thing is sure and that is that brass fittings intended for industrial use must be of the highest quality. That said, sourcing this type of product can be as simple as working with a trusted and (...) Read More

Discover Brass Fittings That Last

Today it is without question that industry and manufacturing as well as even those in retail have more choices than ever before when it comes to a full range of high-quality brass fittings. This includes everything from unique hard to find brass fittings to red brass nipple’s and compression fittings as well as inverted flare fittings and other custom parts and components of this nature. Keep in mind that brass fittings are an essential and important part of everything from residential installat (...) Read More

DOT Brass Fittings – The Safe Choice

From the aviation industry to the automobile industry and a host of other sectors of the economy, having access to high-quality DOT brass fittings is absolutely essential. In short, Department of Transportation approval means that the product has passed rigorous testing and certification. It also means that this is a product or component that is far more likely to deliver under even the toughest environmental conditions. With safety being always a major concern and priority, having Department of (...) Read More

Learn the Importance of DOT Air Brake Fittings

When the Department of Transportation or DOT approves a particular part or component as it relates to transportation, it lets everyone know that that part or product has passed stringent oversight. When it comes to DOT air brake fittings, this is equally as true. Safety on the country’s roads and highways is best achieved through careful control of all safety related factors and issues. The Department of Transportation has approved many different types of push to connect fittings. For example, t (...) Read More