Brass Compression Fittings for a Job Done Right

Brass Compression Fittings for a Job Done Right

It should be noted that not all brass fittings are the same. In particular, the brass compression fitting is a unique and innovative type of brass component that is highly useful in a wide range of applications. From plumbing applications to use in industry and manufacturing as well as other related fields, the brass compression type fitting is an essential addition to any technicians list of necessary parts and components. The compression type brass fitting is made of an outer compression component and is also comprised of an inner compression ring which is sometimes referred to as a ferrule.

Unique Type of Compression Fitting

Compression fittings that are made of brass are typically used most commonly in the plumbing field. However, they can also be found routinely being deployed with electrical conduit systems when it is necessary to join two tubes or perhaps even pipes that have thin walls. In short, this is a highly unique type of compression fitting that is absolutely necessary when working with a wide range of varied types of tubing, pipes for other associated parts and components. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this is such an important type of common fitting accessory.

Highest-Grade Components for Those That Demand the Best

One of the keys to ensuring that you have the right brass fitting (brass compression fittings) for the job at hand is to work with a trusted source for these unique components. One company that has clearly earned a reputation for quality customer service, excellent parts and fair and competitive pricing is Industrial Parts & Fittings. The company has a proven track record when it comes to providing only the highest-grade components for those who demand the best. To learn more about highly specialized parts such as the brass compression fitting contact the company today.