Brass Hose Barbs

Brass Hose Barbs Serve Many Purposes in Industry

Simply stated, a brass hose barb is nothing more than the joining portion of a fitting that has multiple ridges or bumps on its surface. These ridges or bumps are designed to grip the inside diameter of tubing which is usually some type of plastic material. The main purpose and objective of this arrangement is to provide for a leak-free seal connection. During the process of installing a plastic tube onto the fitting, it is forced to expand over the barb. This results in a tight and secure grip once the tube has relaxed onto the fitting.

Push on Style Hose Barbs

This particular type of brass hose barb component comes in many designs and styles. For example, there are insert nipple type fittings as well as barb hose fittings and push on style hose barbs. Other unique types of components include everything from a single barb hose component to a reusable hose fitting. In short, the possibilities are endless in terms of the kinds of components that can be used in various industry. From the electrical industry to the plumbing industry, these are important connection components that greatly improve efficiency.

A Kansas City Based Company

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