Built Tough Barstock and Forged Brass Fittings for Lasting Results

Built Tough Barstock and Forged Brass Fittings for Lasting Results

Brass is a unique material with many advantages especially when it comes to brass fittings. The question often arises as to why choose brass fittings. In fact, this type of fitting made of brass is popular simply because it is known to be highly durable, resistant to corrosion and simply strong. Barstock and forged brass pipe fittings are used throughout industry and are even frequently found in a wide variety of residential applications. What is so unique about brass fittings is that they have a very custom look with a distinct yellowish color.

Forged into Just about any Shape

In general, brass fittings are highly desirable simply because they are amazingly resistant to corrosion. This type of fitting is perfect for joining, polishing and finishing in most jobs. Brass is the preferred material because it is very easy to machine and can be forged into just about any shape imaginable. With good strength and excellent high temperature ductility, these are fittings that get the job done right. Considered excellent for conductivity and known for resistance to just about any kind of corrosion imaginable, brass fittings also have amazing bearing properties.

Hand Tightening is Often Recommended

With low magnetic permeability and overall long-lasting strength, brass is always the smart choice. That said, there are some cautions that must be considered when talking about brass. For example, brass can be easily damaged especially in the assembly or fitting process. Hand tightening is often recommended because brass can be damaged with very little effort, especially due to excessive torque or over tightening. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that barstock and forged brass fittings and any other type of fitting made of brass will ensure that the job is done right every time. Shop Today on our Wholesale E-Commerce Brass Fittings Website.