Downdraft Table Products

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Discover Downdraft Table Products That Last

Today industry depends upon the high-quality functionality of modern downdraft table products. These tables with unique downdraft functionality allow for improved work environments and greater levels of efficiency through all stages of production. The products and accessories associated with these types of tables must be sourced from a trusted name in the business. While there are many companies today that produce these products, only a handful deliver in terms of excellent operational performance and affordability.

Various Sized Industrial Downdraft Tables Are Available

There are even paint table conversions and welding bench conversions that can be incorporated into the use of modern downdraft table products. One company that has a trusted name in the industry when it comes to producing the best in downdraft tables and products is Superior Air Products. Everything from different sized paint table conversions to a full range of various design style downdraft tables are available from Superior Air Products. The company is known for its dedication to bringing new technology to an outdated industry.

Proven Designs Are Built Upon to Produce Heavy Duty Machines

All units built by the company make use of American-made heavy gauge steel. Best of all, units are highly customizable to ensure that customers needs are met in the most efficient and affordable way possible. Proven designs are built upon to produce heavy duty machines that are intended to last through even the toughest work environments. Quality control is always at the forefront with the company. With in-house assembly and experienced and knowledgeable build technicians, you can be sure that your custom design will meet rigorous standards from start to finish. To learn more about the innovation and quality that Superior Air Products makes possible, contact the company today.

SD23 Model Downdraft Table

25″ D x 33″ W x 78″ T

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SD34 Model Downdraft Table

36″ D x 55″ W x 72″ T

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SD46 Model Downdraft Table

48″ D x 72″ W x 72″ T

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