Industrial Brass Fitting Applications

The Key to Quality Work is Using Industrial Brass Fittings

With so many different materials on the market today including everything from bronze to iron and aluminum as well as steel, copper and other similar metals, it is important to choose carefully when it comes to fittings. Industrial fittings must be made of the highest quality material to ensure proper operation through all types of conditions. This includes exposure to everything from excessive pressure to vibration as well as temperature and wear and tear. One material comes to mind for dealing with a wide range of environmental conditions is of course brass.

Over Tightening can Easily Damage Brass

Brass is clearly the material of choice when it comes to versatile brass fittings for industry and manufacturing. Even in residential applications brass is known to be highly desirable in terms of long-term durability and ruggedness. While it is true that over tightening can easily damage brass, as long as brass is properly handled it can last for many decades and performs flawlessly. Industrial brass fittings are well received throughout industry because of their durability and strength. Anyone who has never seen a brass fitting simply needs to know that brass looks very distinct with its signature yellowish color.

Custom Made as Needed

The advantage of this type of fitting is that it is perfect for joining joints even in tight locations. Whether using an elbow fitting or some other type of fitting, brass is easily machined into just about any kind of shape imaginable. This means that fittings can be custom made as needed for even the most difficult of jobs. With good conductivity and impressive corrosion resistance, this is a material that even has low magnetic permeability. With so many advantages, it’s hard to imagine using any other type of fitting for a wide range of industrial or manufacturing applications. Contact Industrial Parts & Fittings today whom represents the finest quality/American Made Brass Fittings Manufacturer in the Nation "Mid-America Fittings" for more information on fittings made of brass for your next job or project.