Lead Free Brass Fittings Have Environmental Benefits

Brass offers many advantages over other types of materials when it comes to a variety of fittings in use today. Commercially available lead free brass fittings are particularly important in terms of their overall utility and their environmental benefits. That said virtually all brass fittings are in high demand throughout the manufacturing industry. Brass is incredibly durable as a nonferrous metal in the fact that it is particularly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. While brass does tarnish easily, its durability and performance far outweigh any negatives. Brass also is known for its remarkable antibacterial properties. That is why brass fittings are frequently used in water filtration and various types of sanitation systems.

The Safe Drinking Water Act

Lead free brass fittings are notable and important because it is a proven fact that lead is a toxic material that should be avoided whenever possible. These fittings are particularly vital when it comes to applications used where drinking water is present. As a matter of fact, many states now require that leadfree components be used any time there is contact with drinking water. Potable water projects typically demand that brass fittings, which are leadfree always be used. The Safe Drinking Water Act actually requires that this type of fitting be used.

Valves and Fittings That Come into Contact with Food

In essence, limiting people’s exposure to lead and other harmful chemicals in drinking water has become law making this type of leadfree brass fitting component absolutely essential. The requirement actually goes beyond water to include valves and fittings that come into contact with food, drink or other similar items. This makes brass fittings, pipes and fixtures that are leadfree absolute essential today. With this type of fitting, lead is actually replaced with silicone or other mixed alloys allowing the manufacturing process to proceed normally. To learn more about leadfree brass fittings and other unique types of valves, parts and components contact Industrial Parts & Fittings today.