Learn the Importance of DOT Air Brake Fittings

When the Department of Transportation or DOT approves a particular part or component as it relates to transportation, it lets everyone know that that part or product has passed stringent oversight. When it comes to DOT air brake fittings, this is equally as true. Safety on the country’s roads and highways is best achieved through careful control of all safety related factors and issues. The Department of Transportation has approved many different types of push to connect fittings. For example, this is the type of connection that is often seen in modern air brake applications. There is a specific reason for the push to connect fitting as discussed here.

Safety is Always a Top Priority in Modern Transportation

In short, a push to connect fitting is the ideal arrangement for installations that involve small or confined areas. DOT regulations demand that any type of all nylon tubing airbrake connection incorporate fittings that include an inner tube support. When talking about DOT air brake fittings, this and other key factors must be taken into account to remain within full compliance. More importantly, safety is always a top priority in modern transportation. Whether it be the airline industry or the automobile industry, safety takes precedence in terms of high-quality well-constructed air brake fittings and have been approved by the Department of Transportation. In fact, they can be expected to provide the highest levels of safety.

Federally Approved Push to Connect Fitting

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