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Over the years air brake tubing has evolved and become more versatile and more reliable. As a matter of fact, there was a time when air brake tubing was made almost exclusively of metals that were known to be less flexible and prone to failure. The good news is that modern air brake tubing that is made of nylon is lighter and incredibly flexible and long-lasting. This is a type of material that easily resists the breakdown associated with chemical contact frequently encounter while out on the road.

Remain Flexible Even in Extreme Temperatures

From grease to oil as well as diesel and gasoline and even road salt, there are many compounds that can wreak havoc on modern air brake tubing. The good news is that when nylon air brake tubing is chosen as the preferred option, the end result is more reliability and less breakdowns. Nylon is guaranteed to remain flexible even in extreme temperatures. As a note of caution, while nylon tubing used for air brakes is incredibly versatile, it will indeed eventually break down if exposed to highly caustic chemicals like battery acid. That said, with a typical working pressure of 150 psi, this is a smart choice in air brake tubing.

Choose the Right Nylon Air Brake Tubing

One of the keys to ensuring that you choose the right nylon air brake tubing is to work with a trusted name in the business. One company in particular that has consistently proven to be a provider of high-quality products of this type is Industrial Parts & Fittings. For products that include everything from compression fittings to forged pipe fittings as well as industrial valves and more, this is a company that has earned the trust and respect of customers over the years. With outstanding customer service and a commitment to quality products and pricing, the choice is clear.

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