Source Top-Grade Brass Hose Barbs for Your Next Project

Brass hose barbs play a vital and important role in a vast array of key industries throughout the country as well as across the world. From the HVAC industry to the aviation business and the automobile manufacturing industry, brass hose barbs ensure leak-free operation under even the most demanding environmental and operational conditions. A hose barb, regardless of the material that it is made of is nothing more than a fitting that comprises a series of continuous ridges or bumps that ensures a reliable and fully leak-free sealed connection.

A Proven Design That Produces Impressive Results

Simply stated, when a tube is placed onto this kind of fitting, it is forced to expand over the barbs and grip firmly. This provides for a tight seal as the tube relaxes around the barbs. While simple in design, the level of reliability is unsurpassed. This is a proven concept that produces impressive results for those who demand fittings that are reliable even under the most strenuous operational or environmental conditions. There are many different types of modern brass hose barbs available today. This includes everything from insert nipple type barbs to many other hose barbs and push on style connectors as well as reusable connectors and single barbed connectors.

High Quality Brass Hose Barbs and Fittings

With such a wide array of unique brass fittings available, it is easier than ever for professionals in a host of industries to get the job done right every time. While customers do have choices when it comes to companies that deliver this type of product, one company shines above the rest. Industrial Parts & Fittings is one of the most respected and reliable providers of high-quality brass hose parts and fittings. Centrally located in the Kansas City area, the company offers attentive customer service, outstanding overall customer satisfaction and quick delivery. With decades of experience in the business, this is a company that stands by its promises. Contact the friendly staff today to learn more.