Work with Industrial Brass Fittings That Are a Cut Above

Professionals in industry and manufacturing as well as other sectors of the global economy know the importance of working with the highest quality industrial brass fittings. Whether it is a plumber looking for reliability or a large industrial manufacturing firm seeking dependability on a large scale, one thing is sure and that is that brass fittings intended for industrial use must be of the highest quality. That said, sourcing this type of product can be as simple as working with a trusted and reliable name in the business. While there are a number of leaders in the industry in terms of premium grade industrial brass fittings, one company continues to outperform competitors.

Excellence in Business Practices

Industrial Parts & Fittings is considered to be one of the top manufacturers of industrial fitting products for use in industry and plumbing. The company is recognized by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce for its excellence in business practices. In addition, the company offers other key products such as chrome plated and nickel-plated brass fittings. They also specialize in black and even galvanize malleable iron pipe type fittings. When it comes to repair related products and even hard-to-find plumbing installation type products, this is a one-stop source for industrial brass fittings. Most importantly, the company is able to manufacture a fitting for virtually any kind of fluid imaginable.


There When You Need Them the Most


This includes even difficult gas connection related challenges. Parts are produced in volume and sent directly from the main facility ensuring timely repairs or new construction. Whether it is the industrial cleaning field or the HVAC industry as well as trucking, automotive, consumer and commercial electronics in addition to commercial appliances, Industrial Parts & Fittings is there when you need them the most. With impressive product stock levels that exceed industry standards, this is a company that helps industry stay on schedule. Following a strict code of environmental conduct, Industrial Parts & Fittings is the smart choice in almost any kind of brass fittings. Contact the company today to learn more.