Brass Fittings That Get the Job Done

Never underestimate the importance of having access to the very best in modern brass fittings. From the commercial electronics industry to the HVAC industry and companies involved with automotive, trucking and aviation related functions, brass fittings are absolutely essential to keeping our modern world moving forward. Brass is a unique type of material that offers many benefits and that is why it is commonly used in a wide range of high-quality fittings. Everything from valves to adapters and hose barbs must always be carefully sourced.

Experience Only the Highest Level of Customer Service

That is why it is so essential to choose with caution when it comes to the company you are dealing with for modern brass fittings. For example, one company that has earned accolades throughout the industry over the years is Industrial Parts & Fittings. Highly respected and with a proven track record, this is a company that simply gets it right when it comes to everything from valves to forged fittings and custom fittings as well as hose clamps. With a dedicated team of professionals on staff you can be sure that you will experience only the highest level of customer service when you interact with Industrial Parts & Fittings.

Headquartered Out of Kansas City

From fine thread brass fittings to appliance orifices and standard valves as well as seal valves and plastic tubing, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sourcing the parts that you need. Even advanced compression fittings along with evaporative cooler fittings and insert nipples can be sourced. The company is headquartered out of Kansas City and is a leading manufacturer of virtually any kind of fitting product imaginable. Adhering to best practices when it comes to conducting business on a daily basis, this is a company that you can trust. To learn more about brass fittings and a wide range of similar accessories contact Industrial Parts & Fittings today.