Discover Nylon Air Brake Tubing

When it comes to a full variety of modern industry as well as manufacturing organizations, having access to quality nylon air brake tubing is absolutely vital. As a matter of fact, modern air brake tubing that is lighter as well as more flexible than other types of tubing can make a big difference in the production process. Keep in mind also that when air brake tubing is constructed of lighter materials like nylon, as opposed to heavier metal, the end result is more efficiency and more reliability. Best of all, air brake tubing made of nylon is highly resistant to a wide range of caustic chemicals often used on highways and roads. Everything from road salt to grease and oil as well as gasoline cannot penetrate this type of strong and lasting tubing. This is important and improves overall dependability and reliability while reducing the potential for failure.

From Brass Fittings to Synthetic Tubing

As an added advantage, nylon material is highly flexible and can handle broad temperature fluctuations. When it comes to nylon tubing for air brake application, expect it to meet all DOT standards and code. With a maximum of 150 psi working pressure, this is strong tubing that lasts. Available in standard colors, choosing tubing made of nylon is always the smart choice. While there are many companies that provide this type of tubing material, one company has continually outpaced the competition in terms of quality products and competitive pricing. Industrial Parts & Fittings is a top source for a full range of quality products including everything from brass fittings to synthetic tubing and a variety of other important products. Contact the company today for more information on tubing, fittings and other components needed to keep business on track and within budget.