Work With Specialty Brass Fittings That Last

When it comes to specialty brass fittings that last, only a handful of manufacturers truly deliver in terms of providing rugged long-lasting quality. From industrial valves to compression fittings and garden hose fittings along with brass hose barbs and tube fittings, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of creating quality brass made products that endure even the toughest environmental conditions. While there are a number of companies that offer specialty fittings of this type, only a handful get it right when it comes to consistently producing quality with incredible regularity.

Unique Items Such as Leadfree Brass Fittings and Various Types of Hose Clamps

For example, one company that has a proven track record in terms of fittings made of brass is Industrial Parts & Fittings. From valves to adapters and bar stock as well as nylon air brake tubing and a host of other unique and innovative products, few other companies can compare. The company also offers unique items such as leadfree brass fittings and various types of hose clamps. With so much to offer from this American-made company, the choice is clear for choosing brass fittings that are designed to last.

Excellence in all Phases of Business Best Practices

As the nation’s leading manufacturer of American-made brass fittings, valves and adapters, the company stands as a true leader in the business. The company has been recognized by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce as one of the top small businesses in the region. This is due to its excellence in all phases of business best practices. From chrome plated and nickel-plated brass fittings to galvanized iron pipe fittings and stainless-steel pipe fittings, the company prides itself on delivering quality for each and every order. To learn more about all that this innovative American-made company has to offer simply visit online or call today.